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I am passionate about storytelling and the powerful role it plays in creating better, more empathetic humans. Through my personalized coaching and publishing services, I help authors develop their voice and navigate the overwhelming waters of the publishing industry.

Susan is an editor and publishing consultant with 15 years’ experience in the publishing industry. Having worked for trade, educational and academic publishing houses such as Blackhall Publishing, Pearson, and Oxford University Press, Susan is an accomplished, well-rounded editor accustomed to a diverse range of genres and markets.



{Susan was a delight to work with. She worked through my book from developmental editing, to copy editing, proofreading, and cover design. She was great at identifying and helping me remove my verbal tics as well as ensuring that the book was well structured, readable, and understandable. My book, Cryptocurrency and Real Estate was a nonfiction book and in a very niche topic. Susan was professional, completed her work on time, and I felt that her pricing was very reasonable for the tasks that she undertook. I am pleased with and proud of the result. I would work with Susan again in a heartbeat.
Steve Streetman
{I can not credit Susan’s professional and knowledgeable enough in preparing my book for release. Susan performed the editing and coordinated the entire production of the book in multiple formats. She provided excellent step by step instructions related to all my questions. Susan made Piecing Together The Chaos a reality.
Robert Baker
{Susan was a dream to work with! So patient with my process! She helped me format my book so that it had a much better flow. Her suggestions really elevated my work. She gave her professional opinion every step of the way without feeling overbearing. Gentle corrections that I would have never caught. Very thorough and would definitely recommend working with her! Susan is very communicative and professional! Thanks again Susan!
Jannel Gooden
{ As a YA Fantasy writer, working with Susan was great! She was thorough with my novel, and she gave me constructive, direct and detailed feedback on what needed polishing. She made sure there was continuity and flow, as well as consistency with the plot and naming of characters and places. Very happy to have collaborated with her, and looking forward to working with her again on my next book too. Thank you!
Rodrigo Fernandez
{I've worked with Susan for many years, during which time she edited and produced a variety of print and digital books for our company. The quality of her work, and her dedication to projects from start to finish, is testament to her professional skills and work ethic. I heartily recommend her services as an author coach, project manager, and developmental and copy editor.
Janine Wilson
{Susan was quick, she was very thorough, and she gave me some great ideas. I thought I knew what I was doing… but wow! I hired her just to edit my manuscript but we ended up working though the whole process together.
Don Descy

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